Our country made history recently after the Dewan Rakyat unanimously approved several Bills that would decriminalise attempted suicide in Malaysia. A move several years in the making, the decriminalisation of attempted suicide was lauded by the de facto Deputy Law Minister Ramkarpal Singh as a stepping stone to help those in need.

Recently, an incident involving two underaged children shocked Malaysians after they went out late at night without their parents’ knowledge, drove the family car and crashed it into a lamppost after travelling 2.5km.

More shocking is the fact that the two brothers are well below the age of being able to legally drive, as they are only aged 6 and 3 respectively. 

Majlis Berbuka Puasa ADIL bersama anak-anak yatim Kariah Masjid Nurul Amin Kampung Delek.

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