Areas of practice

As a partner at Ahmad Danial Iswatt & Luqman (ADIL) (Formerly known as Luqman Iswatt & Partners), Nik Nur Aisyah specialises in Insurance litigation as well as matters in regard to Family Law. Called to the Malaysian Bar in 2014, she commands vast experience and meticulous expertise in criminal and civil litigation. Most notably, Aisyah carries with her the intricate know-how and first-hand experience in conducting complex land disputes and matrimonial matters at various levels of courts in the country.

In 2013, Aisyah served as a pupil at Messr Hisham Yoong – K.C. Lim where she was exposed to the world of dispute resolution with guidance from capable and experienced lawyers. She then continued her journey as a Legal Assistant at the same firm before becoming a partner at Messrs Sonni Pillai & Zarina Din in 2015. A vocal supporter of universal access to legal representation, Aisyah has the experience of conducting civil and criminal cases on a pro bono basis when she served in the Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan.

An invaluable addition to the firm, Aisyah’s experience transcends more than just within the legal arena as she also has a significant background in the corporate world as well. These include being a Senior Legal Executive at Selgate Corporation Sdn Bhd as well as a Stakeholder Manager at Hi Home Dotcom Sdn Bhd from 2018 to 2020.

A true citizen of the world, Aisyah is an avid traveller and will most likely be on a globe-trotting adventure whenever she got the opportunity. She is also passionate about fashion and spends her spare time being a part-time model and TVC Talent.