Ahmad Danial Iswatt & Luqman (ADIL) (Formerly known as Luqman Iswatt & Partners)  offers one-stop solution for Intellectual Property matters, including advisory and representation on all contentious and non-contentious aspects of Intellectual Property in Malaysia. Our team of experts are well-equipped to respond swiftly to any situations that may arise, particularly matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the following laws:

Trademark Act 2019 [Act 815]

We provide top-notch advisory and representation in terms of the procedures and Registration of Trademark, Trademark Agents, Infringement of Registered Trademark, Counterfeiting and Falsely Applied Trademark as well as rules and regulations governed under the said Act.

Copyright Act 1987 [Act 332]

Our team of lawyers are well-versed in the matters prescribed under the Copyright Act 1987 and provide exemplary advisory and representation on Copyright Works and Rights of Copyright Owners, Copyright Procedures as well as offences and Infringements of Copyright.

Trade Description Act 2011 [Act 730]

Our firm provides strategic advice on good trade practice and offers professional advisory and representation for offences under False Trade Descriptions as governed under the Trade Description Act 2011.