It is our utmost priority to exert practical, innovative and accommodating legal solutions without compromising on any of our core values of integrity, honour, accountability, transparency and credibility. We believe and adhere to a culture that is results-driven and solutions-centred, especially in safeguarding the interests of our most valuable assets; our clients.

Never resting on our laurels, Ahmad Danial, Iswatt & Luqman is always eager to grow further by continuously looking into establishing competencies in fields of the future beyond the conventional legal spectrum. Tech-savvy and fully embracing technological advancements amidst the rapid onslaught of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our firm strives to achieve full digitalisation to improve efficiency as well as boost the access to justice for all.

In a rapidly changing world, we are ever ready to adapt and move forward but at the same time, remain steadfast in adopting the highest degree of professionalism, courtesy and the preservation of confidentiality.


Inspired by Malaysia’s founding father Tunku Abdul Rahman who envisioned the nation to become a ‘beacon of light to a difficult and distracted world’, our firm strives to emulate such idealisms in the legal field by empowering individuals, businesses and other legal entities with the shining light of the law in achieving their respective objectives.

As such, Ahmad Danial Iswatt & Luqman (ADIL) (Formerly known as Luqman Iswatt & Partners) aims to safeguard the rule of law and fully utilise our expertise, experience as well as knowledge in dealing with the assortments of legal issues entrusted for resolution to us by our clients. We prescribe to the best global practices and the highest standards of services in achieving fair justice.